Diploma in Agro-technology (2 years and 03 months) consists of 09 Certificates courses; Higher Diploma in Agro-technology (1 year) consists of 04 certificate courses and another one year to complete Degree. Duration for each certificate course is three months. Those who passed 09 certificate courses of study are made eligible to receive the Diploma in Agro-technology. Students who complete Diploma in Agro-technology with at least a “C” Pass for all nine (9) courses and with a minimum of 2.75 GPA can pursue the Higher Diploma in Agro-technology followed by Bachelor of Agro-technology by adding 7 certificate courses and a six month research project.

  1. 1.Biostatistics
  2. 2.Genetic and Plant Breeding
  3. 3.Farm Practice Course
  4. 4.Research Project


All the components of this programme such as, practical, assignments, theoretical contribution as well as the learner support services have highly contributed towards the personal and professional development of rural farming community to develop as agricultural entrepreneurs.

Further this online Diploma/Higher Diploma and Degree programmes are providing motivational opportunity to the young generation to remain in agriculture having gained social recognition in the society.