The Institute offer Diploma in Agro-technology which opens pathway to pursue higher education to the farming community without barriers of age, distance, time and academic background. This is the first ever online diploma programme for farmers in Sri Lanka. This Diploma introduces knowledge based agriculture to the rural farming community. This would give students recognitions as well as economic benefits.

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This diploma program offers the opportunity to young farming community to work ICT and engage with online learning to face globalization.

Scope/ Benefits

  • Provide an opportunity for young farmers to pursue their higher education in Agro-technology.
  • Opening a path to access modern technology to the Rural community
  • Provide an opportunity to engage in education while being engaged in their profession.
  • Opening new avenues to the rural farming community to engage in Knowledge based agriculture and agribusiness.
  • Finally all these improvements will help to improve socio economy of the rural sector in Sri Lanka.


The diploma in Agro-technology has eight certificate courses with the duration of three months for each certificate course. They are;

  1. 1.Crop husbandry
  2. 2.Horticulture and new application in agriculture
  3. 3.Crop protection
  4. 4.Irrigation technology
  5. 5.Post harvest technology
  6. 6.Food technology
  7. 7.Flori culture
  8. 8.Agro business management
  9. 9.Fundamentals of Animal husbandry


The Institute of Agro-technology and Rural Sciences of the University of Colombo at Weligatta, Hambantota, was commenced the programme in 2009. Currently there are 250 students with 03 batches. Students representing most of the districts throughout the country follow this program and we can proudly look at the past with the success of the programme.

Admission system and entry

Announcements of programmes of study are made through the press and other news media. Enrollments are open to any person engaged in employment/self employment in the field of agriculture or agribusiness.

Target group & entry requirement:

G.C.E. O/L with 7 year experience in agriculture field
G.C.E. A/L with 5 year experience in agriculture field

Methodology of learning

Open and distance learning method