New ago-technologies are introduced to rural community by giving tissue-cultured banana plants. There are two tissue culture laboratories and produce 20,000 plants per month at its maximum capacity which is not enough to fulfill the demand. Laboratories are totally managed by young village girls and that gives job opportunities for them at their village. That has stopped movement of young villagers to the Colombo and other city areas to find jobs. Therefore, they have got great opportunity of living with their family rather than live in Colombo.


Currently there are about 5000 farmers are involving with the institute and technology has already transferred to North and East also. All the tissue culture banana fields are which purchased from the institute regularly monitor and evaluate. With the surveys carried out by the institute, we found that there is an improvement of income generation by 15-20 folds. Also facilities of farmers have improved with the introduction of new technology.


Eg:- A farmer in Sooriyawewa involving with the institute has obtain Rs 1.6 million from 1 ha tissue cultured banana field within one harvest.
Regular training programmes are conducted on tissue culture technology, Mushroom cultivation and food technology to the rural farming community and schoolchildren.Also, the Institute carry out ICT training for rural community


The Institute has developed digital content on tissue culture banana cultivation developed collaboratively by Weligatta L3 farmers, IT experts and Agriculture experts and it has been posted on the Wiki Educator web site in both Sinhala and English. This content can access any person in the country and as well as globally to obtain knowledge.