Production of a dual purpose machine for curing of bio wrappers and fabrication of bio plates with Banana leaves

Environmentally friendly bio food wrappers with banana leaves are commercially produced using this machine  The capacity of bio wrapper production of this machine is about 5,000 wrappers per eight hours working day. The cost of production includine purshasing fresh banana leaves and curing with the machine is about  6.50 Rs per wraper. To develop this machine all  scientific information, principles and the technology was given by the Dr. Sujatha Weerasinghe, Senior Lecturer, UCIARS and it was assembled and manufactured  by Mr. Sumith Amarawickrama, Bataatha, Hungama and Ms W.W.A. Thamara Dhammika,an Agriculture Instructur, Seed tsting Laboratory of the Department of Agriculture at, Bataatha, Hungama. This machine is a dual purpose machine and it can cure banana leaves as food wrappers and fabricate bio plates with leftovers of banana leaves concurrently which serves the energy of electricity very effectively. These machine has grasped the attention of several entrepreneurs and Mr. Amarawickrama is manufacturing this machine on commercial scale. The bio wrapper production manually is popular as a cottage level industry among small scale entreprenures and they produce daily for the hottles in colombo.

These bio plates can be fabricated by green leaves, ripen leaves, dried leaves and torn leaves too. They are environmentally friendly and attractive at a glance.

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